About Us

FFMC for foreign exchange in Yamunanagar

We, Nobatram Forex Pvt. Ltd. in Yamunanagar are the one and only unmatched authorized foreign currency/exchange merchant in Yamunanagar (Haryana) under the regulation of Reserve Bank of India with the license no. FE.CG.FFMC/214/2018 and with the contribution of recognized banks and other authorized dealers of foreign exchange and currency in Yamunanagar (Haryana), we are able provide clients with best and authentic dealings of foreign currency and foreign exchange with full transparency at the finest of rates and apart from that, we also serve for remittance of capital nationwide or all across the globe.

At Nobatram Forex Pvt. Ltd. in Yamunanagar, you will be entitled to the following consecutive services:

  • Foreign Exchange/Currency as our main motto is to provide clients the finest in Yamunanagar sale and purchase of foreign currency and foreign exchange rates at the finest of bank rates to both public and other authorized dealers of foreign currency and exchange with in addition the best possible advice and consulting service for dealing such.


  • Traveller’s Cheque/Traveller’s Card as these are the most convenient and secured form of purchasing foreign currency/exchange so without any concerns for the money getting lost. With us clients can travel and spent the money in the foreign countries just like any debit or ATM card without any fear.


  • Money Transfer for the secure and safe remittance of currency to nationwide and all across the globe, we work through the secured and safest hands of the portal of Western Union and Transfast so without a worry the money will reach the prescribed destination in a jiffy.



  • Air/Railway Ticket Bookings for the leisure of your travel we also provide you with best in class railways and airline bookings of your described destination and response to all the queries about your journey.


  • Passport, Visa & Immigration Services in which we help clients in composing out the information for the application for the Passport generation procedure and consultation of applying for visa of the preferred country along with immigration consulting services for your stay in a foreign land.

With the righteous and commendable decision, Nobatram Forex Pvt. Ltd. in Yamunanagar (Haryana) came into being in February 2018 with only existing goal in mind of Sh. Ashok Kakkar who is a retired Branch Manager of the State Bank of India branch in Yamunanagar inheriting 33 years of experience and now as the director and the owner of the company was to make their clients happy by providing the public the finest in Yamunanagar foreign currency and foreign exchange at lowest bank rates with transparency and authenticity under the empowerment of Reserve Bank of India, Chandigarh (RBI) to Nobatram Forex Pvt. Ltd. second to none in Yamunanagar.

Conveying clients in getting their right amount of authentic money with proper guidance and transparency only transpires at Nobatram Forex Pvt. Ltd. in Yamunanagar as we put client’s demands and services up front and our proceedings with reputed banks and other authorized dealers of foreign currency and exchange in Yamunanagar and we are able to provide them with the best of currency/exchange rates without any botheration. Likewise for the luxury of their travel in foreign we are best able to provide them with best air ticket bookings and traveller’s cheques and cards for their foreign visit. And lastly, for the commitment of remittance of the client’s cash from and to around the globe from the safest and assured hands of Western Union and Transfast as these are the most reputed and reliable companies in India and international.

A customer never remembers us for the price which he bought our product for but the love and respect they received from us.”

At last, we would be ecstatic having you as our customers and we would be looking forward to meeting your every need. If there any doubt or any information required from the website or about our location, please let us know at our contact details.

Risk Warning: If  you are investing your capital in the foreign currency, it is being considered as a high possibility of danger to your investment as there are many fluctuations in the prices of foreign currency in currency market which can lead to your certain loss. Also beware of foreign exchange scammers as it will be like dropping an ax on your own leg. Before investing your money, always be prepared and discuss about this with a well-known financial adviser.